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CNG, LNG, L-CNG introduction

Date: 2016-06-24
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一, Introduction to CNG filling station

  Concept of CNG

  CNG,compressed natural gas for short,low pressure natural gas is compressed to 25MPa high pressure natural gas via the booster compressor.
Use and technical development of CNG filling station

  CNG filling station is outfitted to distribute to gas vehicles.CNG is new,economical,safe,clean energy,with the advantage of excellent combustion characteristic and low exhaust’s indicators.

Function and classification of CNG filling station

Per difference of filling targets,filling stations are divided in stations for conventional vehicles,mother stations for trailers,daughter stations supplied by trailers,stations for trailers and conventional vehicles,and other combined stations with oil stations,liquefied petroleum gas stations,urban station stations and etc.

  Selection of filling station location

Mother station is usually is located alongside cities,daughter station is usually inside cities,on the affordable limit the quantity and distance of daughter stations that mother stations can supply are depended by economic benefit.Couple of elements,like safety distance,geological and hydrological conditions,urban planning and traffic route should be considered.

  Main Mode of filling station:

① Main mother station’s equipments:buffer tank,recycling tank,dryer,compressor,discharge column

 ②Main conventional station’s equipments: buffer tank,recycling tank,dryer,compressor,priority sequence panel,receiving tank,dispenser.

③Main daughter station’s equipments:discharge column,compressor,priority sequence panel,receiving tank,dispenser.

  Filling station’s process

① Mother station’s process

Pipeline gas filter,pressure regulation and measurement skid buffer tank dryer compressor discharge column

② conventional station’s process

Pipeline gas filter,pressure regulation and measurement skid buffer tank dryer compressor priority sequence panel receiving tank dispenser

③ daughter station’s process

High pressure trailer discharge column compressor priority sequence panel receiving tank dispenser

  filling station’s matching system

It includes instrument&automation,communication,civil,general plan,power supply and distribution,fire fighting and etc.

二、Introduction of LNG,L-CNG

Concept of LNG

LNG,Liquefied Natural Gas for short.Natural gas which is under purification treatment from gas field is liquefied to LNG per ultra-cold and pressure treatment.

  Characteristic of LNG

Natural gas is translated to liquid statement under ultra-cold and pressure treatment,then the volume will be smaller 600 times.

All LNG is translated per trailers in China.The design pressure is 0.8MPa and the operation pressure is 0.3MPa.There is no gas release under translation and almost no loss.

Daily evaporation rate of LNG tank is about 0.15%.If boiling off gas can’t be released in time,the pressure will become high.So there is a pressure regulator that can export BOG automatically.BOG from tank and unloading skid is received by BOG heater to transfer to BOG tank for storage.When water-bath vaporizer is put on use in winter,BOG is used as the fuel of boiler.In summer BOG would transfer to main tank,the tank’s pressure will be up because of heat exchange with the air.A sum of BOG would be released to cool the tank.

  LNG regasification station’s Process

LNG is transferred from LNG trailers to LNG tanks per unloading skid ,and then is exported to main vaporizers to have regasification treatment per self-pressure vaporizer,at last natural gas is distributed to all the users after pressure regulation and measurement.

  Main equipments of LNG regasification station

LNG refrigerated tank,unloading skid,self-pressure skid,regasification and reheating skid,pressure regulation,measurement and odorization skid,control system and etc.

  LNG refueling station

LNG is transferred from LNG trailer to LNG tank,self-pressure vaporizer pressurizes the tank,LNG is received by LNG vehicles per submerged pump and is measured via the dispenser.

Main equipments of LNG refueling station

LNG tank,LNG submerged pump,LNG measurement skid and control system

  Process of L-CNG filling station

LNG is transferred from LNG trailer to LNG tank,then LNG is exported to high pressure pump per self-pressure vaporizer.Submerged pump pressurizes LNG up to 25MPa,and then LNG is translated to natural gas in the main vaporizer.High pressure natural gas is stored in the bundles and is exported to CNG vehicles via dispenser by automatic control system.Now,L-CNG station’s technology is mature abroad.

  Main equipments of L-CNG filling station

LNG tank,LNG high pressure submerged pump,high pressure regasification skid,CNG tubes,priority sequence panel,dispenser and control system.

  Construction brief of CNG,LNG,L-CNG

In order to optimize,most of station fields are designed and constructed on the form of multifunctional integrated stations.Civil project includes equipment’s foundation,trench,station building,matching building,fire pool,wall,hardened ground,shed,filling island and etc.

Instruction project includes equipment hoisting,equipment installment,pipeline welding,pipeline insulation,cable installment,static grounding,lightning protection,pipeline weld inspection,sweeping,pressure testing,low temperature testing and etc.


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