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China's LNG stations industry scale and the earnings and the 2016 half year review and prospect of L

Date: 2016-07-31
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China's LNG stations industry scale analysis

LNG stations across the country in 2015, 2260, a 15.19% year-on-year growth in 2014, one of the top three provinces of shandong, hebei, xinjiang, hebei LNG, LPG station ownership breakthrough 200 bridge 222 accounted for 9.82%, up 25.42% from a year earlier. Shandong LNG, LPG station ownership for 265, up 17.78% year on year, more than the national average rate of growth. Xinjiang, LNG, LPG station ownership of 194, accounting for more than 8.63%. LNG, LPG station ownership of more than 100 provinces accounted for 63% of total, up 5% from 2014.

From the point of the national distribution, LNG stations in China are mainly distributed in LNG demand big province and the air is relatively rich region, LNG consumption in 2015 top ten provinces of LNG, LPG station ownership for 1371, accounted for as high as 60.66%. In 2015 China's LNG stations slowed significantly, the reason is the economic slowdown, the logistics market, a series of problems such as related industry recession leads to a fall in demand for automotive, market overall market downturn, the LNG stations mainstream enterprise attitude change, market development efforts to reduce, the new number for LPG station dropped. Other LPG station formalities trival and falling profits increase return cycle, and is an important reason for the dilemma.

China's LNG stations earnings

Cic advisory issued by the 2016-2020 China LNG industry depth investigation and investment outlook report points out, has been going down a LPG gas prices in 2015, a drop down again. In terms of overall operation, LPG profitability is higher than the mainland LPG stations in northwest China, xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, shaanxi and other places of LPG stations as near QiYuanDe, purchasing cost advantages, days of shandong, hebei region is better than more. In the face of such competition, maintain their profits and LPG stations over its own gas customers also gives corresponding promotion policy. Shandong region the most intense competition, in 2015 the average gas price is 4.81 / kg, annual average admission price is 4.3 / kg. This is an average price, some poor hair of LPG stations may also is 3 yuan. LPG stations profit best should be the xinjiang region, in 2015 the average gas price 5.38 / kg, the average admission price price 3.5 / kg. Profitability of medium in the coastal region, the variation of the impact, poor profitability hair in 1 yuan of above.

Source: China investment network

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